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The Shard
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The London Dungeon

London Dungeon

Address: County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London (beside London Eye)

The London Dungeon is an attraction for those who do not have a bad heart and not afraid to be frightened. Here you will experience London in its history, and not the bright part, but the dark and horrible. You'll will meet Jack the Ripper, King Henry VIII and Sweeney Todd. Other historical events you will experience include 1665 when the plague struck London and Jack the Ripper, which raged in the Whitechapel area during 1888.

One can say that the London Dungeon is one big haunted house. :)

Jack the RipperJack the Ripper

In London's Whitechapel area occurs within three months in 1888, five brutal murders of prostitutes women. The area was overpopulated and many women subsisting on prostitution. Jack the Ripper's first victim was the 42-year-old woman Mary Ann Nicholls. Even today we do not know who Jack the Ripper was.
Dare you come and meet Jack the Ripper?

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The London Dungeon

Kung Henry VIIIKing Henry VIII

During the 1500s King Henry VIII ruled London. He is probably best known for taking the lives of several of his wives. The most famous is wife number 2, Anne Boleyn, whom he beheaded. Her you will meet and follow on her way to execution. But watch ... so you do not be drawn into the conspiracy against the king .... who knows what could happen!

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Guy FawkesGuy Fawkes

1605 the so-called Gunpowder plot occurred. Guy Fawkes was one of several who planned to assassinate King James. The idea was to blow up the House of Parliament with gunpowder. They would enter through a tunnel. But all was revealed and Guy Fawkes was arrested and tortured to reveal all involved. He was taken to the Tower of London, and later he was sentenced to death. He is said to have jumped down from execution plate where he would be hanged and broke his neck and died. It is also said that his body was split and sent to - the four corners of the kingdom - for showing the people and to frighten others planning similar crimes.

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Combi ticket London Dungeon
London DungeonLondon Dungeon + more attractions
Combine your London Dungeon ticket with other attractions such as Madame Tussauds, the London Eye, Sea Life London Aquarium, Shrek Adventure or a River Cruise. When you buy your combined ticket online you can save up to 50% on the ticket price, then if you bought the loose when you get to London. The more attractions you add, the more you save on the ticket price.
Choose max up to 3 attractions extra:
London Eye Madame Tussauds Sealife Shrek Adventure
Or choose only to add a River Cruise:
London Eye River Cruise      
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Booking information:
Buy your combi ticket via the link above or click on the images. When you get to the London Dungeons booking page, select the ticket option - Choose your attractions. You now come to the page where you can add more attractions and create your combined ticket. Select the attractions you want in your ticket - Add attraction. Your selected attractions will show up in the right hand side box - Your tailor-made ticket. Once you are ready , proceed with your booking via the button - Start booking. Then follow the booking procedure. Bring the voucher / booking confirmation you get after payment and show it at the London Dungeon. Then you also get your tickets for the other attractions you booked. These you have 90 days to visit. With a combined ticket you must visit the London Dungeon first.

We reserve the right to any changes. Combination tickets are presented in collaboration with the London Dungeon. Pictures: London Dungeon website.
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London Dungeon
Short facts about the
London Dungeon:
One of London's most popular attractions.
London Dungeon has been open for about 40 years.
In March 2013 the London Dungeon moved to its current location next to the London Eye and opposite Big Ben.
Along with professional actors, you get over 90 minutes to experience 1000 years of London's dark history.
In addition to historical experience the London Dungeon also includes 2 attractions. Henry's Wrath and Drop Dead.
The London Dungeon Christmas
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